Remind yourself. Nobody is built like you, you design yourself.

"I see a lot of dudes who perpetuate what I call the myth of the influencer. In New York, specifically, where I’m at every day, I see a lot of these dudes who aspire to be what I call a professional cool guy. But nobody who ever ended up as a professional cool guy ever started out saying ‘I’m gonna be fucking cool.’ What it really comes down to is refining your skills and figuring out what you bring to the table. Then, learning over time how you can then convey that honestly to someone else so that they trust you and they fuck with you, to the point where down the line you’ll get to do the kind of stuff that you see certain people brag about on Twitter and blog about. If you start out from the get-go with that as your aim, you’re never gonna fucking get there. It’s never gonna happen."
—The “myth of the influencer” (via howtotalktogirlsatparties)

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