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Are You using Pinterest to Build Your Social Brand?


There’s a new social media platform every minute, it seems, and the darling of the moment is Pinterest. Here are some expert tips from Chobani Yogurt’s social media team on how to get beyond flavor of the week.

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This was a great article from FastCompany today referencing NY native, Chobani yogurt [an awesome entrepreneurial story by the way], and how they are using Pinterest very effectively to connect with customers.

Never been a huge fan of Pinterest myself, maybe that’s because it seems more suited for my Mom then does me, but nonetheless after reading this article and checking out the Chobani “Board” for myself - I must say there is some very REAL value being created for customers on this platform.  As with every other platform, if used correctly of course.

It’s most definitely time for brands to be making their presence felt on Pinterest and an absolute no brainer if their brand fits into a female demographic, which most do.  

As the grand master of social media, Sir Gary Vaynerchuk would tell you, any opportunity to connect with your customers in a genuine way is not to be missed. And Pinterest not only creates that opportunity, but does it in a completely unique way.  A visual way, which makes it easier for the short attention spanners to connect through picture and video.

So, are you working it into your plans yet?

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